We are a Seattle-based Mixed and Virtual Reality studio that provides platform solutions and services for industries across all verticals. Partnering with large enterprise customers, we utilize new technologies to meet business objectives in the most innovative and competitive way. We believe that Mixed and Virtual Reality is the next huge wave in technology.

As one of a handful of companies selected by the Microsoft HoloLens team for its Holographic Academy, we are actively developing holographic applications for enterprise clients. We are also development partners with Samsung, Oculus, Facebook & HTC Vive and others.


Meet the Founders

Adam Sheppard

CEO & Co-Founder

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William Lai

President & Co-Founder

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The Team

Sean Christofferson

Unity Developer

Galen Drew


Anna Heatwole


Thomas Huang

3D Artist

Morgan Kim


Heather Raikes

Creative Director

Jaime Swindle

Program Manager

Lindsay Shelmire

Program Manager

Kyle Warbis

Web & Unity Developer

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