Amiigo Will Soon Bring a Truly Smart Fitness Bracelet to the Market

Oct 18, 2012 | Mobile & Web


The market is inundated with simple pedometers, heart-rate monitors and calorie trackers, but there isn’t a truly smart device that can track your level of intensity or know exactly what type of exercise you’re doing. Coming April 2013 there will be the Amiigo bracelet, shoe clip and smartphone app. This system uses gesture based software algorithms paired with motion and infrared sensors to track what movements you’re doing and how well you’re doing them.

Between the bracelet and the shoe clip the app is able to monitor your heart-rate, blood oxygen levels and skin temperature in real time while you exercise. This detailed information is then related to the app which acts like a personal trainer that will set fitness goals, create custom challenges and give you fitness points for bragging rights and potentially fitness gear coupons.


With gesture-based technology emerging, it makes one wonder what other practical applications it could be paired with. Maybe one day we’ll all unlock our cars with the swipe of a hand or perfect our julienning skills with the help of a motion sensing knife.



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