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Boost sales, enhance operations, and increase efficiencies with augmented and virtual reality. These new realities introduce an exciting opportunity to reimagine solutions for the industry’s toughest business problems. Join us in the quest to reengineer everyday business.


$5k average VR retail transaction size. We believe VR will be used for higher-end purchases.
Goldman Sachs Virtual & Augmented Reality Report

$158bn consumer sales transacted through VR/AR in 2025
Goldman Sachs Virtual & Augmented Reality Report

AR Commerce is expected to represent 25% of online retailing by 2035
Citi GPS: Virtual & Augmented Reality Report

Augmented and Virtual Reality Retail Use Cases

Think outside the 2D screen and create VR retail applications that will create efficiencies, enhance collaboration and ultimately increase ROI. Check out our Retail Demo where we explore holographic solutions to help solve the industry’s toughest challenges.

Virtual Reality Retail Features:

  • Generate Planograms – Design and review planograms in 3D using real time sales data, product forecasts and inventory metrics
  • Analyze Store Layout – Monitor foot traffic using 3D store visualization and integrated heatmap technology
  • Visualize Product Design – Change shoe color on shelf to visualize product design in the wild. Imagine the possibilities for package design and product placement.
  • Capture Real Time Data – Integrate with existing RFID and other IoT technologies to arm retailers with real-time analytics for touchpoints and conversion rates.


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Multi-User Retail Environment

Explore our retail playground where we build and test solutions for our client's toughest business problems. Key solutions include: Photogrammetry models 3D planogram visualization Real-time communication and translation tools View and swap marketing collateral and product placement

First-Person Video Training

Save time and increase effectiveness with first-person training videos. Whether it’s teaching how to make an upcoming seasonal drink, sharing sales tips and tricks, or communicating new HR policies, learn how to train your employees from their point of view.

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