Stormfly: A Wearable Computer

Feb 8, 2013 | Mobile & Web | Tech News


Laptops are a heavy burden to carry from place to place, yet cloud storage is not the perfect solution. Enter Stormfly, a wristband that has a built-in open source operating system that is said to have the ability to plug into, and work, on any computer regardless of OS.

On this device you can store files as well as programs and with a USB 3.0 chipset making it extremely fast this effectively make it a wearable computer. Other features include 128 bit encryption for high security, back-up service and a reduced price replacement option.

Created by Now Computing, Stormfly is currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first round of wristbands. If you order one before February 9th they’re offering free backup services for one year.

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