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Nov 6, 2012 | Mobile & Web

Election day is finally here and I’m sure many of you want to be able to have a handy pocket guide for election results, talking points, poll tracking and games. Here are a few smartphone apps that will keep you informed no matter where you are or who you support.

Unbiased Election Trackers:

  • The NYTimes Election 2012 app provides a database of polling results from an array of organizations, pages with up-to-date candidate information, live election results and a comprehensive Top News section all tailored specifically for your smartphone.
  • Created by Hearst Television, the Election-2012 app connects you to vote results, live streaming videos and real-time updates from the app’s “Live Wire.” It also includes headlines, videos and photography from throughout the campaign.


  • Want to have more fun with the election? Then the Battleground: Election 2012 – Obama vs Romney app is for you. This game lets you have your own election by allowing you to play as a presidential campaign manager where you pick your candidate, strategically plan your campaign itinerary and fundraise in the attempt to win the White House race.


  • If you’re more of a visual person, the 2012 Map: The Presidential Election App is a great place to see what’s happening around the country. It features a live map that is updated with the latest polling data, historical maps with notes about what happened in previous elections, and a blank map that you can customize and share.

For Democrats:

  • The official Obama for America app provides the facts about the election localized to wherever you are, helps you find campaign events in your area, helps you share breaking news on Facebook and Twitter, and gives you access to voting and registration rules in your state.
  • For Democrat themed news this election, the Proud Democrat app gives you access to feeds, history lessons, interactive forums and wallpapers.

For Republicans:

  • The official Romney-Ryan app brings you Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s biographies, up-to-date election news, the Republican stance on election issues, and helps find campaign events near you.
  • With the Proud Republican app you can find the latest in Republican news from conservative feeds and talk radio, interactive forums, congress information, history lessons, wallpaper, and daily quotes and facts.


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