With Wash.io Ninjas Will Pick-up and Do Your Laundry

Feb 7, 2013 | Mobile & Web


As busy professionals it’s difficult to find the time to sit through the lengthy process of doing laundry. Now, at least in Santa Monica, you can use the newly launched Wash.io iPhone app to have someone else do the deed for you within 24 hours.

It sounds like a dream right? From your iPhone schedule the service, within 45 minutes someone picks up your laundry and within 24 hours it’s delivered back to you folded in a pristine state.

Touting themselves as “mobile laundry valet ninjas,” Wash.io is looking to disrupt the way that we think about doing laundry. This service is said to help you save up to 30% in operating costs as well as saving you valuable time.

I hope that they expand to the Northwest soon because I will be first in line to sign up.

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