5 Gadget Gifts Worth Getting at the Last Minute

Dec 19, 2012 | 8ninths | Mobile & Web | Tech News

Just because you’re doing your holiday shopping at the last minute doesn’t mean that you have to go the gift card route. These five items are at the top of my list of picks for the gadget lovers in my life. All are available online, and even though at this point they might ship after the holidays, I’m sure your loved ones will be willing to wait a little extra time if they’re getting something they’ll truly appreciate.

  • It’s difficult to shake a smartphone addiction during the wintery months when leaving your hands ungloved means risking loosing a digit or two. With Mujjo’s stylish touchscreen-friendly gloves you can text, tweet and post all day long while keeping your fingers nice and warm. Also, Mujjo sets itself further apart from the competition by having a touch-capacitive surface on the entire glove, not just the fingertips.
  • A great gift for the casual gamer of any age in your life is a set of Sifteo’s interactive cubes. This system has many game options that range from challenging puzzle play to pattern matching, mazes and Nickelodeon inspired adventures.
  • If there’s a tech-savvy cook in your life, then you should consider getting them the QOOQ tablet that comes with 1,000+ recipes and is designed specifically for use in the kitchen. With a heat, humidity and splash resistant touchscreen that is 60% more durable than most, you won’t have to worry about ruining the device.
  • For the traveling business professional in your life the Business Class Pack by Powerbag could be a vessel for all of their electronic gadgets when traveling from meeting to meeting. This backpack has a battery system that is powerful enough to charge a smartphone up to four times and has a flat design that makes it easy to take a laptop through airport security without removing it from the bag.
  • If you’re looking for the perfect travel accessory for the adventurer in your life, then try the Traveler UV Portable Water Filter by SteriPEN. This portable water filter is the size of a pen and is projected to last through 3,000 filtering cycles, which should provide enough safe drinking water for many trips into the wilderness.

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