6 Tips for Branded VR Demo Content

Oct 31, 2016 | Design Patterns | Virtual Reality


With the latest headsets gaining in popularity and viewership, more and more brands are using VR to engage with consumers in retail environments. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to assembling a successful VR demo. Here are 6 tips for successfully integrating VR into a branded retail environment and assembling a great collection of demo content.



Build A Branded Hub

Build a centralized, branded landing port or “hub”  from which users can see the variety of demos available to them.




Consider Your Environment

A demo hub is your space to continue the brand of your retail environment into the virtual world. Try integrating elements of physical in-store branding with the surroundings of your VR landing port.




Set Clear Expectations

Make your available VR demos clear and easily navigable. Use “windows” or “portals” to preview the VR content offerings. These previews could be still images or short clips on a loop of the experience. They set expectations for the next environment, and help ease the user’s transition in VR space.




Keep It Short & Sweet

Choose VR content that can deliver a compelling, end to end experience in under 2 minutes. If you have demos under 30 seconds, all the better.



Check Your Range

Offer a range of experiences representing different VR genres, capabilities, artistic executions and problem solving.



Passive v. Interactive

Passive experiences are an excellent choice if you will not be present to assist users through the demo. If someone will be present to assist the user through the demo, you may choose to offer a balance of passive and interactive experiences. Just be ready to offer precise instruction for users less familiar with VR interaction.



All Reward. No Work.

This is the overall metric for whether or not your content is demo appropriate. Your user should get all the reward for minimal to no effort.

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