8ninths Deep Dive 001 – Home Automation and Outstanding App Design

Nov 19, 2014 | Deep Dives


We all lead busy lives and for many of us it’s critical to keep up on the latest and greatest tech. To help out, we put together a new video series with Deep Dives on products we have on our radar. We filmed these in Mystery Science Theater style thanks to our partners at B47 Studios.

In the first episode we chat about innovators who are making a splash in home automation, on Android and iOS design:

  1. Dropcam (5 min): Adam reviews the home-automated security camera. See live feeds from the cameras at his new house.
  2. Roadtrippers (7 min): Emily gives us the scoop on the road-trip planning service after using it to plan her Grand Canyon vacation.
  3. Magisto (6 min): Jessica demonstrates the ease of turning your everyday videos and photos into memorable movies with the automated moviemaker.

We hope you find these entertaining & useful. If you have suggestions for products in our future episodes, please let us know.

Your 8ninths team

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8ninths is a Seattle based digital design and development studio.  Our digital artists and seasoned strategists love exploring new and emerging technologies.  Stay tuned for our next episode, where we continue our deep dives on home automation, internet of things and outstanding app design!

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