Adam Sheppard


Adam is the Co-Founder & CEO of 8ninths, an industry leader in Strategy, Design, and Development of cutting edge Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality solutions focused on Enterprise.

He is a long-time former Microsoft veteran who helped build Microsoft’s skunk works innovation team, “Live Labs,” under Ray Ozzie and Bill Gates. Adam’s focus has always been on new and emerging technologies and how they can be applied to disrupt and improve existing ways we work, play, and communicate.

As one of seven companies selected worldwide to undergo a technology transfer on Microsoft HoloLens prior to general release, the 8ninths team are leaders in new UX design and problem solving. Their 360° video documentary, ‘Capturing Everest’ debuted at Sundance this year and will be distributed by Sports Illustrated & TIME.

Named after the hidden fraction of an iceberg, the 8ninths team works with executive and innovation groups at Fortune 500 companies to identify and build new ways in which VR/AR/MR will transform the way they do business and communicate with their customers. Clients include Amazon, Microsoft, Fiat Chrysler, Hasbro, and Citi.

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