Amazon demonstrates they can secure a place in the kitchen

Apr 10, 2015 | Deep Dives

Welcome to this edition of the 8ninths Deep Dive, where we highlight tech that will impact our everyday lives, today we’re taking a look at the:


Amazon released the new IOT device on April 4, 2014, free to AmazonFresh customers. It’s a laser barcode scanner you use from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is grab the gadget, say “Apples” or scan any product to add the item to your shopping list. Since it connects to your WIFI network and AmazonFresh account, you can easily add it to your shopping cart for your next order. The device is well designed and sturdy for kids and messy kitchen hands.



Every time I’m running low on groceries, I grab dash. It’s faster than writing a list or tinkering with my phone or laptop. I find myself scanning everything, whether it’s available from Amazon Fresh or not and I’m sure that data isn’t going unnoticed. -Jessica Jobes, Studio Director

Barcode & QR code scanners are more prevalent in Asian countries than Western countries. It’ll be interesting to see what other applications pop up for Dash-like scanners. Maybe scan your food to determine calories? -William Lai, Co-Founder









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