Apps Come to the Rescue This Thanksgiving

Nov 21, 2012 | Mobile & Web

Whether you need help making your first Thanksgiving dinner, a guide to getting to your destination or entertainment for the little ones, this Thanksgiving app guide will set you on the course to holiday success.

Thanksgiving Dinner Help:

  • Is it your first time hosting Thanksgiving? Then try to quell the stress by using Chow’s Thanksgiving Dinner Coach. With this app you will get step-by-step instructions on how to create a traditional nine-course Thanksgiving feast.
  • With so many people going gluten-free these days, it’s essential to have a recipe app like So Simple Holiday Gluten Free Recipes to help find delectable dishes that everyone can enjoy.
  • Not an just an app, but a smartphone connected gadget, the iGrill will help you roast the perfect turkey without ever opening your oven to check the bird.
  • Juggling multiple dishes at once is inherently tricky. Getting the timing right with the KitchenPad Timer app is simple with the ability to have nine timers on one elegant display that sends you notifications when a dish is complete.

Thanksgiving Travel Help:

  • If your car is going to be running on fumes by the time you get to your Thanksgiving Day celebration GasBuddy will help you locate the cheapest gas stations in the area.
  • If you’re on the road in unfamiliar territory this holiday season it’s always good to have an app like RoadNinja in your back pocket. This app will tell you what’s available on upcoming exits on the interstate, which exit you should take for your destination and check gas prices in real-time.
  • With FlightTrack you can find real-time updates concerning delays, gates and cancellations for domestic and international flights.


  • If you’re planning on being in NYC this weekend, then  get a comprehensive parade guide with Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade App.
  • Need an app to get the kids out of the kitchen? Try the Whack a Turkey game, which will provide plenty of turkey bopping entertainment.
  • If first person shooters are more your thing, then put a feathered fowl in your virtual crosshairs with the Turkey Hunt app.

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