ARKit Demo Part II – Rainforest Garage

Jun 22, 2017 | Augmented Reality | Mixed Reality | Mobile & Web

In the first release of Rainforest Garage, a welding torch is used to cut through a garage door in the 8ninths studio to reveal a magical virtual world. In this second release, a confident little creature ventures across the portal from the virtual jungle to our Seattle studio. Leveraging Apple’s ARKit, the team at 8ninths was able to demonstrate this convincing experience in short order.

Notable features and techniques:

Moving from the virtual world to the physical world – The lizard struts into the 8ninths studio, on a quest to smash coconuts. Using World Tracking, we anchored the lizard’s feet to the floor, and took advantage of the powerful scale and perspective features.

User interaction with augmented 3D objects – Toss physics objects (in this case, coconuts) around the environment with a simple tap of the screen. Watch as the lizard chases the bouncing coconuts across the floor!

Character awareness – Using positional tracking, the lizard is aware of your presence and looks you straight in the eye to taunt you, after destroying each coconut. When all the coconuts are gone, he follows you around, begging for more coconuts to destroy.

Hope you enjoy the demo, we’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think at For information on building a custom experience for your business, contact us at info@

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