ARKit Demo – Welcome To Rainforest Garage

Jun 15, 2017 | Augmented Reality | Mixed Reality | Mobile & Web

Last Monday, it felt like Christmas morning at 8ninths. With the unveiling of Apple’s ARKit, the studio was buzzing with excitement…our designers, developers, and creative technologists were eager to get their hands dirty and start exploring this new toolkit. After experimenting with—and being wowed by—the tracking features and object stabilization, we decided to put together a quick experience to share with the world. Introducing Part 1 of Rainforest Garage.

ARKit Demo Details

Apple’s ARKit provides developers with a robust toolset to create high quality Mobile Augmented Reality experiences. Over this three part series of Rainforest Garage, we will share an array of features and techniques to showcase the potential of ARKit and what it can mean for the evolution of Mobile AR. In this first release, here are some of the features that are worth noting:

User interaction with Augmented Reality – We used a welding torch to demonstrate how users can leverage Mobile AR to manipulate and interact with real-world surroundings. In this example, the user is invited to cut open a doorway to reveal a magic virtual world.

AR tracking – With the phenomenally precise ARKit tracking, users can get up close and personal to the augmented objects and choose how to view the action.

Portal technique – To view the virtual world on the other side of the cut out door, we wrote a custom shader to implement the “portal” that merges the virtual jungle world with the real one. We also used traditional theater techniques, like matte paintings, to create the illusion of a larger environment beyond the door.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Rainforest Garage, where we will continue to leverage ARKit to explore the possibilities and limitations of Mobile AR.

How ARKit Will Impact Business and Consumers

With the announcement of Apple’s ARKit and iOS11, there is now a market for millions of people to consume Mobile AR content right at their fingertips. We think Mobile AR gaming will be one of the first use cases to catch on…but it won’t stop there. At 8ninths, we’re working with our partners to imagine how Apple’s new Augmented Reality platform could be used for entertainment, branding, and utilitarian use cases. The possibilities are endless!

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