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Sep 4, 2012 | Mobile & Web

I am fairly active on my personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, posting random lifestream items as well as useful posts and articles that I came across. For the most part, my usage of these two networks are linked: I generally post things to Twitter, and have Twitter automatically post to my Facebook as status updates. I arrived at this arrangement out of necessity because I didn’t want to post the same item in two different places, and want my posts to go to as many of my friends and followers as possible.

However, as my post counts have gone up, it has gotten to the point that I worry about being an annoyance to others on Facebook.  I also worry that Facebook’s filtering heuristic isn’t smart enough to distinguish between my interesting posts vs. my more random rants, as Facebook wall usage is quite different than the “ticker tape” transient nature of Twitter stream.

At the same time, as my reading schedule is mostly in the evenings, I have the tendency to recommend a lot of posts at night all within an hour or two.  The onslaught of posts is often too much for followers and friends to digest, and the results are that my more interesting posts aren’t getting read as much as I feel they should.

So it was a welcome relief when I learned of Buffer, which solves the two key problems I face. It’s a single app that posts to either Twitter, Facebook or both depending on the topic.  And better yet, I can just write as many posts as I want, and Buffer will schedule these posts for me throughout the day so I don’t annoy my readers right around midnight.

In addition to scheduling my posts, Buffer also has some other really interesting features.  I particularly like how its browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome modify the Twitter and Facebook web pages to allow you to post using Buffer.  I also find its analytical features, which include tracking your retweets, Likes and Clicks, refreshingly simple to use.

While I am using Buffer as an individual, I think you’ll find it even more useful If you manage your company’s social media outreach.  You may still want to keep Hootsuite, or something similar, as your reader app to follow different keywords and hashtags and the like, but Buffer is pretty unbeatable in terms of simplicity and convenience for sending out your content.

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