CES 2013 Recap

Jan 9, 2013 | 8ninths | Mobile & Web | Tech News

CES every year brings a plethora of new technologies in home entertainment, some great consumer cameras and a handful of oddball products the break the mold and offer a unique look into where the hardware side of the tech industry is headed. Our own Walt Brown had a chance to be there first hand to witness the action. Below you will find our take on some of the most unique findings coming out of this years CES.


Kingston 1TB Flash Drive 


Many question the relevancy of flash drives in the cloud-centric, storage world we now live in. Kingston is making a strong statement that they are here to stay. In 2013 you’ll be able to pick up a full terabyte in the size of a thumbdrive. All flash based. Although this much data might be a bit too much for the average person this product tells us a few things. First, flash data is getting really cheap meaning our tablets, mobile computers and smartphones should be able to truly replace the need for physical spinning discs very soon. Second, releasing a massive thumb drive means it will drive the price of smaller versions down. A 16gb drive could now be priced under $10. Pricing wasn’t announced yet for this but one could expect it to be speedy. I expect the target market to be data hogging photo/video people.



Parrot Flower Power


This one falls into the same bucket as the “iGrill” or Cloud Scale, products that are very niche but also very relevant in our drive to connect literally everything. Pop the Flower Power into your favorite potted plant, connect it to the paired smartphone app and get any relevant metadata you might want. Check on sunlight, humidity, temperature, and fertilizer. You can follow your plants health and hopefully improve it using this unique product.



Parrot AR Drone


I remember when I first saw the AR Drone V1 a few years ago. I was impressed with its HUD app, precise flight control with an iOS device and superb usability. Parrot’s 2.0 version will offer an optional GPS flight recorder module. This module will allow a user to program flight paths for creative filming and personal air acrobatics. Imagine one of those edgy ski movies where you see some crazy skier jumping off a mountain caught on film from a full production helicopter. Now you can do this with the AR drone. Very cool.



Big News


These seem to dominate the headlines if you are following CES. Including some hotlinks so you can read more but expect the following to dominate the consumer electronic market in the next year.

Ultra HDTV (4k) OLED TV’s 


These pricy displays will start popping up in the market this year. Most of them will be way over the budget of most TV consumers but like the entry of HDTV to the market in the early 2000’s things will eventually get cheaper. Seems that each major TV manufacturer has a 4k offering. Some of the most exciting (like I’ll believe it when I see it exciting) are the glassesless 3D TV’s. Links below.


Mobile Processors


Qualcomm, Intel & NVidia all announce huge updates to mobile processors. Prediction for this news, expect the mobile gaming market to grow in 2013. Some of these processors will enable console clad gaming on a mobile device. If you are into the specs on products like this check out the links, big stuff.

Microsoft & Samsung demo “Xbox display” 


This is only coming out of the Microsoft camp but is fairly significant news. You may have seen the crazy ‘holodeck’ patent filed for Microsoft earlier this year. This seems like its where Xbox is headed with that IP. We’ve all seen rumors that the major gaming systems will get a hefty update this year, expect major announcements at E3 this summer. What this means now is that Microsoft isn’t done with cutting edge living room entertainment, Kinect was only the beginning. Video after the link.


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