3D Data Visualization

The 3D Data Visualization Suite provides multiple connectors to take your existing data infrastructure into a collaborative 3D environment. Compatible with common data formats such as CSV, Excel, Tableau, and Power BI, we are able to customize the solution for your specific needs.


3D Data Visualization Solutions


Geographic Data

Provide geographic context to critical business data. Inspire insights and simplify consumption with our 3D mapping tools.

big data

Business Intelligence

Derive, digest, and share relevant insights from big data sets. From FinTech to Retail to the Public Sector, our BI solutions help industries quickly identify and quantify value.

social graph

Social Graph

Capture interconnected relationships with friends, family, business contacts, and even brands. Visualize these complex relationships to dissect and identify beneficial and useful patterns and behaviors.

Network Graph Visualization

Network Visualization

Visualize your data centers and IT networks comprehensively to troubleshoot and report any live site issues, as well as keep a complete inventory of all components and their interconnectedness.

volumetric viz

Anatomical Models

Convert volumetric imaging data into virtual 3D models for use in education, medical research, clinical training, and surgical planning.

Real-time Analytics

Inventory Management

Leverage real-time analytics to gain powerful insights into customer preferences, enabling more accurate and efficient inventory management.

Our Toolbox

Built on top of the 8ninths Reality Management System, the Data Visualization Suite enables enterprise to capitalize on the latest technologies and tell stories through data in a new and profound way. Designed to satisfy our clients’ most in demand needs, the Data Visualization Solutions offer a robust feature set, pairing our RMS Platform with high-end Virtual and Augmented Reality services.


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