Deep Dive Episode 002 – Home automation, Live streaming, and Productivity

Dec 2, 2014 | Deep Dives

We’re back with the next installment of our product Deep Dives. In this episode the 8ninths team is covering an even wider array of tech products we’re passionate about and think you’ll want on your radar. We review products in home automation, live stream gaming, and business productivity.

  1. Acu-Rite · Adam continues his trend of home automation and reviews the Acu-Rite home weather station and the big data possibilities this opens up.
    Shortcut to Acu-Rite review
  2. Twitch · Chris takes us inside this live streaming video platform where 60 million gamers come to watch other gamers. This ecosystem is not to be ignored.
    Shortcut to Twitch review
  3. · Trying to crack productivity? Jessica reviews the meeting scheduling assistant that gives you back an average of 12 minutes for each meeting you schedule.
    Shortcut to review

Thanks for all your views and feedback on our inaugural episode of our product Deep Dives. Keep the suggestions and comments coming so we can continue to make these more useful. Many thanks again to B47 Studios.

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