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Apr 2, 2009 | Mobile & Web

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When I think of some of the sites I spend the most time visiting each day http://www.digg.com has been in my top 3 pretty consistently for years. For the uninitiated Digg is a social news website that allows people to discover and share content from anywhere on the Internet, by submitting links and stories, and voting and commenting on submitted links and stories. Voting stories up and down is the site’s cornerstone function, respectively called digging and burying. Many stories get submitted every day, but only the most Dugg stories appear on the front page.

The net result is a constantly updating snapshot of what the digg community thinks is ‘hot’ or interesting. Breaking news often makes it to digg way before the mainstream media and the community piles on with comments, links and other relevant data to add more value (or detract depending upon the commenters).

Today, Digg launched the ‘Digg Bar’.

The DiggBar allows you to…

  • Digg directly on the destination site: No more awkward toggling between the story page and Digg.
  • Easily share stories: You can now create a shortened Digg URL to share on Twitter, Facebook or via email. You can also type digg.com/ before the URL of any page you’re on to create a short URL.
  • Access additional analytics: See how many times a story has been viewed.
  • View comments while on the story page: Clicking the ‘Comments’ button expands the DiggBar to show the top comment, latest comment, and most controversial without leaving the page.
  • Discover related stories: Clicking the ‘Related’ button expands the DiggBar to highlight similar stories.
  • See more stories from the same source: Clicking the ‘Source’ button expands the DiggBar to show you more Digg stories from that source site.
  • Discover random stories: Click the ‘Random’ button and you’ll be brought to an entirely new, unexpected story.


DiggBar from Kevin Rose on Vimeo.


Initially I groaned at the prospect of Yet Another Toolbar but the digg approach is very lightweight and quite innovative. You simply add ‘digg.com/’ in front of any url and hit enter and the digg toolbar appears. As an alternative you can drag and drop this bookmarklet link, ‘Digg Bar‘ to your browser toolbar and access it just by clicking at any time in the future.

Try clicking it now, and you’ll see how it works for this article…even better digg us!



This is a great way to add more value to your web browsing experience. If you digg a site it’s automatically added to your digg account for future reference, essentially a bookmarking system. You can see what other people thought about the page or site you’re viewing and join in the conversation yourself. The shortened URL that is created was a genius marketing move. You’ll often see people use tools like tinyurl to create short URLs that can easily be twitter’d or inserted into status updates. The Digg bar creates a shortened url automatically and broader exposure across facebook, etc will only help popularize Digg with the mainstream.

All around. Neat execution from one of the original Web 2.0 sites Digg keep doing it right.

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  1. comment  •  Apr 8, 2009 at 5:43 pm  • 

    Still pimping for digg I see… 😉

  2. comment  •  Apr 9, 2009 at 7:03 am  •  Link

    Ha ha! Yep, still a card carrying member of the digg appreciation club 🙂

    I actually wish photosynth had a litle more filtering for search results. Maybe even the digg model! It’s hard to find a good synth after you do a search. Would be great to sort by # of photos or synthiness.

    Hope you and the gang are doing well. Looking forward to the next wave.

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