Digital Avatars Gain Emotion

Mar 20, 2013 | Augmented Reality | Tech News


University of Cambridge's Digital Avatar


A digital avatar that is able to showcase emotions has been developed by researchers from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering and Toshiba’s Cambridge Research Lab.

Modeled after UK TV actress Zoe Lister, this digital avatar, appropriately named ‘Zoe,’ expresses feelings through both facial expressions and tone of voice to create a very realistic experience.

If you want Zoe to sound happy, sad, angry, tender, afraid, neutral or any combination of these feelings, it’s as easy as moving a toggle. Watch the demo video below to see how lifelike Zoe can be and to learn more about the project:


The next step for the researchers in Cambridge is to make it possible for users to create their own personalized avatars by uploading their own face and voice. This opens up the possibilities for leveraging this technology to everything from virtual personal assistants to face messaging and gaming.

For example I could see advertisers and marketers using this technology to create interactive campaigns where users are challenged to create their own avatars that they use in a branded game against others.

Tell us in the comments how you would leverage this technology for your industry.

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