Discover New Insights About NYC Neighborhoods With Wyst

Oct 24, 2012 | Mobile & Web


A modern version of a message in a bottle, Wyst is an iPhone app that allows you to send messages, photos and experiences tagged to a specific location and branded with emoticons. Currently only available in New York City, this geolocation app can bring new and personal insights to places that NYC residents go to every day.


Using Wyst is like leaving a breadcrumb trail of personal experiences and stories on a shared social media map of NYC and is perfect for the explorer who likes to take a journey of the path less traveled. This also could potentially provide an interesting platform for retailers and restaurants to advertise their services based on the emoticons connected to the area that they reside.

Wyst will surely take you to places more interesting than those set out by your average travel guide and hopefully this service will be available in more major cities soon. I for one would be interested in finding the local population’s take on a city during my next vacation.

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