May 25, 2015 | Deep Dives

Keeping you on track and on time, Displio is a small, lightweight portable display for you home, office or desk space. Displio sits on your counter, alerting you to emails, stocks, social media, or any other notifications. Using the same E-Ink Screen as the Amazon Kindle, Displio is simple and easy to read. Using the WebClip feature, anyone can create their own Displio widgets. It requires WiFi to work, so a mobile hotspot, office, or home space is the best place to use this display.


Release date: June 2015

Usage data: 1,113 Kickstarter backers

Platform / Tech: Compatible with Android, iOS, wifi. API available

Features: WiFi Display, E-Ink display, highly customizable notifications and widgets


Since you only have to rotate it on its side to change widgets, Displio could be a great tool for someone with limited dexterity. It is so simple to use, it is easy to see why it was a successful crowd funded project.
– Caitlin

Having a visual notification tool is really handy. Rather than searching for my phone or pulling out a computer, I can easily see any updates. The size is a big factor for me. I like that Displio is small enough to throw in my purse so I can use it between home and work.


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