Every Car’s a Cab

Jun 27, 2012 | Mobile & Web | Tech News

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The next best thing to enjoying a Sidecar on a warm Summer night is enjoying Sidecar on your phone (android and iPhone) when you need a ride home from the bar (Currently SFO only). A smart application connecting those with cars with those who need a ride in your neighborhood it’s like a crowd sourced version of the excellent town car app, Uber.

You make a donation to the driver you choose (All drivers have passed background checks, have current insurance, license and registration on file) and save yourself a few dollars while possibly meeting a new friend.


There seems to be a groundswell around the new sharing economy. ZipCar helped popularize it in transportation but there are plenty of other examples such as AirBnB where rather than buying a hotel room or an item one rents from another.

The environmental benefits, community building and cost savings are all factors in whether these businesses make it or not and interestingly trust seems to have been less of an issue for most or the companies starting these businesses have done their best to help put at least some checks and balances into their products.

Sidecar might be a great way for a student or a senior to make a little money and will be interesting to see how it evolves.

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