EveryPlay’s FaceCam brings built-in video sharing to mobile games

Jun 28, 2013 | Mobile & Web

EveryPlay FaceCam


Just out of beta, Applifier’s EveryPlay Replay has put out a new social-gaming feature called FaceCam. This product uses your smartphone’s speakers and front-facing camera to record your facial reactions if you’re playing one of the 85 mobile games that have this integrated feature. These videos can easily be styled within the app and shared out to friends via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.


When users record videos with FaceCam it brings a personal touch to the replay since others can simultaneously see the user’s facial expressions, hear their commentary and watch the game unfold. So by bringing the human element to these videos, it may make mobile gamers more likely to share replays of their highest scoring games, funniest moments or best tactics with friends and could therefore boost the download rate of the game recorded.

There is an SDK available for games developers to integrate the EveryPlay FaceCam feature directly within their mobile games. This could be a great way for smaller game developers to boost the download rate of their lesser-known titles and gain more traction in the app store.

Let us know if you think this is a good way to boost mobile game sales in the comments.

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