GestIC Senses Your Swipe and Ditches the Bulky Camera

Dec 5, 2012 | Mobile & Web


When cool tech arrives, you’d better get on board because gesture recognition systems are about to lose the camera and the colossal price tag.

With Microchips’s new GestIC system a device will read electromagnetic sensors that can be built directly rigid or flexible surfaces and can be based underneath device housing. This means that the sensors, unlike a camera, are unobtrusive to the look of a product and don’t require into any specific angles or lighting conditions to function correctly. This system also requires ten-times less power than existing devices such as the Leap Motion or the Kinect, making the GestIC much more cost efficient to use.


Between the technology’s relative low cost and no camera requirement, this system could easily be used on laptops, tablets and smartphones among other devices such as light switches or home appliances. Maybe soon gesture based recognition systems will become a common way to open door locks, turn on the dishwasher or scan your body for the perfect fit when online shopping.

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