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May 8, 2013 | Mobile & Web | Tech News


One of the nice things about Seattle is that it’s a small town and the networks of people intertwine frequently. Flowboard founder Brent Brookler was one of the first folks I met playing Soccer when I moved to the area in 1997 and I’ve always been impressed with his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Being another SODO / Pioneer Square business owner we recently caught  up and he showed me his remarkable new product, Flowboard.
As many iPad owners would attest creating content on the iPad can be a little laborious and unwieldy whether it’s editing photos or writing a large document. Seeing an opportunity to help people tell stories, create presentations, portfolios or coffee table books, Brent conceived of a tool that makes the process of incorporating imagery, adding text and presenting it as simple as it gets.
With the ability to pull from Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram and more you can quickly take photo assets, add some text, buttons, videos and other interactivity, share it on the flow board site and make it available for others to view online or offline.
The app itself is free for 250Mb of storage on the Flowboard servers with a Premium offering at a reasonable $5/mo for up to a 1Gb of online storage.
Given the likely alternative is something like Keynote, this is such an elegant solution to content creation and storytelling on the tablet and we’re excited to see the great press that the team has been generating.
Go check it out yourself over at http://www.flowboard.com

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