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Apr 13, 2009 | Tech News

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Goofy Poofy is a fun new service due to launch this coming May. Somewhat of a Cabbage Patch Kids-esque revival, Goofy Poofys are “soft, one-of-a-kind plush monsters. Each one is truly unique and different from any other. At the monster ranch, we breed these plush monsters for you to adopt. And because we don’t breed them until you order them, you pick out the two monsters that have the qualities you’d most like to see in your own monster.”

For $40 you have your own ‘genetically selected’ Monster winged to your home, allowing you to customize their physical traits in a variety of ways, for example:

* pointy ears + pointy ears = pointy ears
* pointy ears + round ears = pointy ears, or round ears, or one of each?
* red monster + red monster = red monster
* red monster + blue monster = purple monster, or blue monster with red spots, or red monster with blue spots?

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Kind of reminds me of a combination of other services that have seen some traction in the past. The first, sadly no longer operating, is NetGranny that would allow you to pick a granny to make the knitwear of your choice. Genius I thought.

The second, Robots and Monsters by Joe Alterio where he will create a custom drawn robot or monster of your choice for $50 based on the words and phrases you provide him. He will then send you the original and donate the money to a good cause.

Of course commisioned manufacturing isn’t a new thing but there’s something to the low cost, interesting story, personalization and short latency in receiving the goods that I think is a reproducible model for many crafters. A good friend of mine has been seeing some success with her Etsy store of ‘robot’ themed jewelery (check it out here) but I wonder whether she might be able to grow her business by offering to customize the works on her website.

Of course, the biggest problem with this model is scaling it up. I know Joe had some very real problems when Robots and Monsters went viral and tried to find others to contribute and take on the workload is real work in itself, not to mention that people may have wanted work from the original artist.

With 3D physical printers ($15K) and other high tech manufacturing processes coming down in price, hopefully the customization technology will start reaching of hobbyists and small businesses. You can even trade your Prius in for an electric powered classic Lincoln! I think we’ll be seeing more and more customization of our modern lives from consumer electronics to clothing to food. You’re going to have it your way.

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