Apr 2, 2009 | Mobile & Web

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GoView is a new application from Citrix Online, Creators of collaboration software GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, GoToWebinar). GoView allows you to quickly and easily record, edit and share a screen capture and audio from your desktop. You simply install the application (PC only at the moment), and with literally a couple of clicks you can be recording a product demo, instructions on how to complete a task or a competitive review. The file is instantly streamed to the GoView servers and is instantly accessible for you to share with friends, family and colleagues.

Click here to check out a short 2 min video that shows the product in action.



There’s been a number of applications that have attempted to make screencasting easy, but this is the first that I’ve seen that encapsulates the whole workflow with a simple interface. Camtasia has often been the software of choice for this kind of task in the past, but I think the instant sharing capability really gives GoView the edge…as well as it currently being free 😉

For high end demo production GoView is probably not the right tool of choice as you can’t store the video locally, embed in your site or view a zoomed in segment of the video. However if you want an quick and easy solution to pass more than a link around GoView is simple enough for anyone to use…This might make debugging my dad’s computer back in the UK a LOT easier.

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