HBR: “Advertisers Must Be Inventors” 8ninths: “Amen!”

Mar 8, 2013 | 8ninths

On the Harvard Business Review blog Winston Binch, Partner and Chief Digital Officer at Deutsch LA, declared yet again what all agencies have known for some time, but still rarely follow through: The era of just focusing on creative execution, copywriting, and film making, then spending most of your budget on buying media is so over.  He cites that 46% of American households have DVR that allows them to skip over commercials.  Mary Meeker continues to stress the disruption of all things digital will probably maim if not kill your traditional ads.

Watson Come Here

Sea changes of this sort takes time, I suppose, but 8ninths has been here for five years now, and frankly it is a bit surprising how slow the change has been. So we are glad that a digital luminary such as Winston Binch extols our beliefs in such an articulate way.  Here are the key points of the article as well as some of 8ninths’ thoughts on the subject:

1. “Agencies need to prioritize the hiring of Chief Digital Officers”

2. “It’s not enough to hire a few technologists and call it a day”

In the article Binch mentioned that his agency needed to put the VW Superbowl digital campaign together in just three short weeks, and that it was impossible to do with an external agency. And while we loved the getingethappy.com experience, 8ninths respectfully disagrees on not being able to execute something similar with external agencies. Our company has helped plenty of clients and agencies on tight timeframes execute very similarly ambitious and short-timeline projects.

3. “Brands and agencies need to be freed up to experiment”

8ninths particularly agrees on the need to carve out a small area for experimentation to gain experience and see results without feeling like you have to go all in.

4. “Blow up your creative department”

This is one that our company runs into quite a bit with ad agencies. There is a bit of a fear within these agencies to let in people of change that don’t look and think like classic creatives. However we think that this line of thinking is incredibly shortsighted, and this lack of willingness to change or experiment is by definition the opposite of creativity.  If this exists in your agency, squash it.

5. “Agencies need to make a greater case with clients for authenticity”

6. “Get into the digital education business”

7. “Find a way to move faster in all stages of development”

To this last one, all I have to say is: Call Us. 

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