CES – The Home Shopping Network Isn’t Just For Your Grandmother Anymore

Jan 7, 2013 | Mobile & Web | Tech News

Ever assume that The Home Shopping network was just for your grandmother and people who haven’t discovered the internet? Think again! Panasonic, in a partnership with HSN just announced you can “shop by remote” with the new HSN shopping experience on Panasonic’s SmartViera TV line. The HSN app will allow a user to browse products, learn more and order right from their couch. Need to nab some of that cheap jewelry before time runs out? Don’t worry, now you don’t even need to get up to go dial on your rotary phone, just click and order! Hats off to HSN for making what looks like a decent interface, despite the muck thats already up on the Viera Connect market.

Home Shopping Network Panasonic Smart TV App

Panasonic App
Looks like it overlays a UI on the live video feed, smart.


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