Hyperlapse – An Amazing Project by Teehan + Lax

Apr 10, 2013 | Mobile & Web | Tech News

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It’s no secret some of us over here at 8ninths love photography. Whether it’s as a hobby or infusing strong photography into work for our amazing clients, it seems to pop up in everything we do. Today is no exception. The innovators over at Teehan + Lax Labs have released an amazing enhancement to Google’s street view: Google Street View Hyperlapse.

A hyperlapse takes a moving time-lapse usually focused on one central point. Normally it’s a tedious process with hundreds of shots carefully stitched together for only a few seconds of video. The Hyperlapse project simplifies that process and allows you to create stunning imagery using Google’s street view in just a few seconds. Simply set the start point (A), your endpoint (B), and your focal point (retical). A few moments later you will have an amazing hyperlapse rendering.

Check out the video below to see a quick compilation of the power Hyperlapse offers.

The team over at Teehan + Lax didn’t stop with making a cool tool, they also open-sourced the project. Check it out on GitHub. Hats off to the team and a big congratulations for making an incredible tool.

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