I for One Welcome Our New Robotic Overlords

Jun 27, 2012 | Tech News



Janken is a research experiment from the folks at the University of Tokyo’s Ishikawa Oku Lab. Essentially a vision and robotic hand system that has a 100% success rate at beating humans at Rock, Paper, Scissors. Apparently even if you try and fake it out half way through your turn the blistering speed of the vision algorithms and hand actuators will still beat you to the punch.


It seems that every day there’s a new crazy robot du jour doing something amazing. Whether it’s a lightshow by a flock (what is the collective term for robots?) of flying coordinated omnicopters to robots on the International Space Station, to movies suggesting that seniors are going to start a new life of crime with their battery powered buddies in Robot & Frank.

Why wouldn’t your next billboard actually be a robot? Or at least exhibit some interactive behavior. Not hard to imagine a throng of curious onlookers playing rock, paper, scissors with an animatronic through a shop window and that’s really just a very basic interaction. What about a robot that copied your facial expression, or perform  amazing feats that no human could ever reproduce. Robotics as a media outlet is just over the horizon and savvy brands might want to start experimenting now.


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