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Some gadgets sync with your Fitbit, others track social media, stocks or calendar changes. There seems to be a gizmo that works for one thing or another, but nothing that syncs everything. LaMetric is a highly customizable digital dashboard that can integrate all of your favorite apps. Released as a Kickstarter project in June 2014, LaMetric allows you to create your own notifications. At first glance, LaMetric looks like your parent’s old bedroom digital clock. The chunky pixel display looks like a classic video game from the late 80s, like something seen in an early Super Mario Bros. The little desk dashboard allows you to program your widgets, maintain RSS updates, and produces audio messages through the handy phone app. LaMetric is bluetooth enabled to stream music for an impromptu dance party- totally not your mom’s alarm clock.

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The functionality of this dashboard is handy for developers and tech-savvy individuals that want to program their own custom notifications. However, I can also see it being useful for anyone wanting to keep up on new updates. I am a visual person, so I like LaMetric’s big text and various colors because they are easy to recognize with different alerts. –Emily


I’m most drawn to the appearance of LaMetric. It’s bright and cheerful, so I have a happy buddy to sit next to me while I work. I find the dashboard very helpful for reminding me of my schedule. I like that it shows the weather or lets me know when an email arrives. -Caitlin


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