Light Kickstarter – “The light that turns you on.”

Dec 18, 2012 | Mobile & Web

Light Product from Kickstarter

All home-automation fans rejoice, Kickstarter has a new project that’s worth checking out. Hailed as Illumination-as-a-Service, the “Light” by Moore’s Cloud promises a whole new approach to home lighting.  

Connected open hardware, open software and completely customizable, Light is built off the LAMP stack (Linux, Appache, MySQL & PHP), offering an all-in-one solution for hackers and non-hackers alike. The light can link up to any modern browser and allows you to control the light in many unique ways. Similarly to the LIFX project, Light allows you to customize your lighting options with a website or app. However, instead of only consisting of a lightbulb, “Light” delivers an entire fixture. You can match your light to the color of a photo, outside temperature, UV index or a custom color model. The light can also flicker like a candle or be programmed to ‘dance’ in many different ways.

Want something more simple? No problem, just a few taps on a web browser and the Light will execute any command you want. Would you rather re-write the software and build an advanced application that bends light to your will? No problem, everything is completely open source.

With only 62 hours left, this project has quite a ways to go until it’s fully funded, but if you’re in search of a gift for a loved one who loves custom lighting solutions, I’d back Light.

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