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Apr 2, 2009 | Mobile & Web




I really had no intention of visualizing what the love child of Angeline Jolie and I might look like when I got up this morning, but through the normal confluence of odd events that I often find myself in the midst of, I happened to find the RoutanBabyMaker3000.

The application allows you to upload a picture of two people, place a few markers indicating their features and quickly create your virtual offspring ready to share on Facebook, Myspace or of course send directly to your virtual partner. It’s actually ‘old’ news in that the site originally launched in Oct 08 but I missed it at the time, and I figured many of you might have also been busy making halloween costumes and the like.



In the never ending pursuit of capturing eyeballs and marketing to increasingly savvy consumers, advertisers have to get creative. VW are one of the more forward thinking brands out there who aren’t afraid to take risks to reach their target demographic. They were one of the first companies to show what all other auto manufacturers had shied away from with their violent car crash ads demonstrating the Jetta’s safety features. Their tongue in cheek ‘Un-pimp Your Ride’ showed they weren’t afraid to make fun of stereotypes and help transition their younger boy racer customers into a more sophisticated, ipod-esque view of the Golf GTi.



Online the key is to get interactive and get viral. A campaign may only be popular for days but can burn through the social web like wildfire. The fantastic Samsung ‘Extreme Shepherding’ viral video I blogged about earlier has been popular for the last couple of weeks but probably doesn’t have longevity much beyond that. Regardless it’s goal has been achieved. Samsung has shown innovation, cleverness, technical prowess and a ‘coolness’ factor that probably wasn’t there before.

Interactive apps that allow you to create something simple easy and novel, coupled with the ability to share it with others, is still the state of the art when it comes to some of the most effective advertising on the web. We have lots of ideas in this space to push these barriers forward and hope to share some in the weeks and months ahead.

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