Moo Business Cards Get a Microchip

Oct 18, 2012 | Mobile & Web | Tech News

If you’re familiar with Moo (if not, check it out because they offer nice and inexpensive business cards and stickers), in a few weeks they will be rolling out brand new NFC enabled business cards. NFC stands for “Near Field Communication” and it means there’s a tiny microchip and antenna inside each card. When you tap the card on your smart phone, it transmits whatever data you chose to put on it. More details and a short video are available on a special Moo NFC page.

First off, you’re not locked into the same data you put on your NFC card the first time you use it. If your contact info or website change, you don’t have to reprint your cards anymore. You can simply update what your cards link to and you’re good to go. Secondly, you’re not limited to one type of data. You have the ability to share images, location and media in addition to just text and links. Imagine the possibilities! I don’t know about you, but I’m sufficiently excited.

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