Nike Advertising Goes Holographic

Apr 10, 2013 | Augmented Reality

Nike Advertising Goes Holographic


Nike’s latest promotion for their new line of Free running shoes is a holographic street ad in Amsterdam. The ad is a large lit-up display featuring a Holocube in the center that houses a 3-D rendering of a Free shoe being bent from toe to heel showcasing its flexibility. Since the Holocube is transparent, passersby can see the shoe flexing in action from all angles.

Watch the video below to see the ad in action.


Not only is a street-side 3-D holographic ad attention grabbing, it also helps validate the worth of the product.

Many consumers need to be able to see how a product works before they believe that it’s capable of producing the results that it claims to give. Traditionally consumers have to physically go to a store, actively search for a video online or happen to watch an ad on TV to see how a product works. By putting their holographic ad on the street, Nike is inviting more consumers to see their new product in action and prove its worth to a larger audience.

How would you use holographic advertising for your product or brand?

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