One App to Rule Them All…groan….

Jun 24, 2009 | Mobile & Web

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Rulerphone is a simple yet very useful iphone application for using your iphone camera to get darned accurate measurements. Simply place a credit card next to the object to be measured and overlay the image of the credit card with the Rulerphone template in order to determine a ‘ground truth’. With this known size established you can measure anything in the scene with uncanny accuracy.

In my experiment with their free Rulerphone lite I was able to get within 1/2″ accuracy of measuring my laptop screen size with very little effort.

Add A-Level from Posimotion to get a spirit level and you’ll wow the crowds at Home Depot with your geeky prowess.

Rulerphone has a $3.99 version that allows you to measure objects further than 1.5ft away and will work just as well on the iphone touch as it does on the iphone.

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