PetMD – A smart, smart idea.

Jul 8, 2009 | Mobile & Web

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Put this in the ‘Why didn’t I think of this first’ category. PetMD is the animal equivalent of every hypochondriacs favorite site, WebMD. You throw in a few symptoms about how Tommy the Tortoise is looking a little less chipper than normal and PetMD comes right back at you with information on potential causes.

In addition there’s an iphone app ‘PetMD Finder‘  giving you information on how to deal with an emergency situation like removing a thorn from a lions paw.

All in all, just a smart business idea that’s surprising that it’s taken this long to come along. They’re smart to build upon the popularity and trust of the WebMD brand and the pet market is a multi billion dollar industry. If they can capture some of that market share by providing help health care tips that save a costly trip to the vet and give some piece of mind they’re onto a winner.

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