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Sep 18, 2012 | Mobile & Web


PlaceFull is a great idea from two good friends and former Microsoft colleagues, Ryan Hamlin and George Webb. Ryan described to me some months ago that they saw several trends that led to their decision to invest in building the Placefull market place. 
Firstly, the advent and popularization of consumers using services like AirBnB to find and book lodgings
Secondly, how difficult it is for people to typically find and compare a venue for sports, birthday parties, corporate events, etc.
Thirdly, how many spaces were not being fully utilized because people didn’t know about them or it was arduous to get info and compare price and amenities easily. 
Placefull has created an online marketplace that connects event and party planners with trusted venues. As a consumer It’s super simple to browse listings based upon a huge number of criteria and I wish I’d had something like this when organizing work and birthday parties in the past. As a venue owner, it’s a great way to get your venue in front of a much broader set of potential renters than you typically would have access to.
New marketplaces help connect buyers and sellers while reducing existing friction and inefficiencies. If you can convince enough people to participate and you can ensure everyone has an incentive to participate you quickly gain traction and disrupt entrenched players. We think the Placefull guys have a great idea that serves a real need, and always glad to support our other entrepreneurial buddies.

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