Project Glass- $1500 for a ticket to the future

Jun 26, 2012 | Augmented Reality | Tech News


Project Glass is one of the most exciting new technologies to come out of the Google Plex. Its promise, that of annotating the physical world with digital overlays giving you everything from information on passing strangers’ Facebook profiles to walking directions. The device features speech commands, built in digital camera that’s operated with the press of a button and connectivity to your phone and web through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can check out the concept video that was launched in April over here. Today at the Google I/O conference, Google showed great showmanship in having skydivers wearing the devices above the stadium give realtime feeds via the glasses to the audience (See above). Showmanship for these kind of launches is becoming as critical as the technology itself and marketers should pay attention to what works and what does not.


The blending of the real and the digital could lead to a step leap in the weird and wonderful technology era we’ve been lucky enough to have witnessed. Augmented Reality is not just about augmenting the world around you, but in many ways augmenting yourself. Everything you see I can see. Sharing experiences, perspectives, providing context and information that you didn’t even know to ask for. Over time we’re looking at an upgrade to the human experience that is inevitable. We’re turning ourselves into cyborgs, willingly. Of course the ramifications, politics, moral and safety issues are manifold but one would be naive to think that this is a fad. The fashion statement the glasses make….that’s a whole other story but they said the same thing about people who first wore spectacles.


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