Jun 8, 2015 | Deep Dives

Everyday, employees leave, new jobs are created and vacancies open. Every business experiences the hiring process. Without a formalized system, it is almost impossible to keep track of applicant emails, resumes and portfolios. Qandidate (pronounced ‘candidate’) is a free, beta-web tool designed to organize and manage the hiring process. Qandidate was designed with a strong UI in mind. Candidates are organized by vacancy and can be arranged in various ways including application status, percentage of correctly answered questions and 0-5 star rating. It also provides you with a talent pool and free career site to host vacancies that can be linked anywhere else. Qandidate has helped 8ninths grow a ton. We love our Qandidates!




Qandidate has made the recruitment process much easier. Our old hiring system was overly complicated and frustrating to use. I love Qandidate for the simplicity and reliability. They make their money posting vacancies to different media sites, so the actual  tool is completely free. Two thumbs up from me! Emily

Using this tool is great for keeping track of everyone. After an interview, I can write my notes or introduce the applicant to other people in my company. Logging the recruitment data is a neat feature too. It’s great to see our hiring rates over time.  Caitlin


Release date: February 2013

Usage data: More than 10,000 companies

Platform / Tech: Web

Features: Media webshop, resume and cover letter organization, free career site, talent pool, screening questions, and email integration


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