Razorfish Campaign Provides Self-Tweeting Bikes at SXSW

Mar 8, 2013 | Mobile & Web | Tech News

Razorfish usemeleaveme


A good example of a creative advertising campaign is Razorfish’s promotion during SXSW this weekend. They have provided Austin a fleet of 20 self-tweeting bikes that are fitted with GPS, QR codes and unique Twitter IDs. People exploring SXSW are invited to use these bikes that will transmit their location and tweet to the #UseMeLeaveMe microsite as they travel from place to place. Another way for users to access the microsite is to scan the bike’s QR code.


While the immediate relevance of this campaign to the actual bike users is a little unclear to me, I still think that Razorfish is using Twitter in a smart way to get their out of the box thinking out there – definitely not a bad way to gain potential clients.

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