The Reality
Management System

8ninths Reality Management System™ (RMS™)

The 8ninths Reality Management System™ (RMS™) is our proprietary cloud platform for the rapid assembly of Enterprise VR / AR / MR solutions. The RMS™ saves our clients time and money by allowing us to build Core Modules from the foundational VR capabilities the 8ninths team has developed over many engagements in creating custom solutions. Beyond these obvious benefits, a single unified platform provides peace of mind around extensibility and portability as the VR industry core platforms and hardware evolve in the years ahead.

Our current Core Modules include:

  • Collaboration (Real-time, local, or remote collaboration)
  • Annotation (Attaching voice, text, or imagery to 3D objects)
  • Manipulation (Placement, resizing, sequencing, and other interactions)

Virtual Reality allows us to interact with computers in much the same way we interact with the real world, i.e. in three dimensions and in an intuitive manner.

Today our data is shackled to 2D databases, documents, and applications that abstract us from the real world. Think about the possibilities that would be enabled by working with information in a way that is tangible, intuitive, and doesn’t require specialized knowledge or training.

Bridging the gap from 2D to 3D

Much like a traditional Content Management System that provides a framework for displaying text, imagery, and video, the RMS™ connects to an Enterprise’s existing systems to add or create 3D representations that we use as the building blocks of a VR application.

Potential 3D representations include physical products and environments or more abstract data such as sales, financials, line of business data, and more.

No need to reinvent the wheel

Through many years of client development we’ve built a multitude of customer solutions and identified common needs that are frequently requested by our clients. We have encapsulated these needs into Core Modules of the RMS™ that are enabled out of the box and provide proven capabilities without having to build from the ground up for each engagement, a huge savings in both time and money.

It’s all about the user

As software professionals with decades of high quality UX design behind us, we are meticulous around creating applications that our clients want to use. The value derived from working in VR must outweigh the challenges of working with early stage hardware and our world renowned UX design team is a leader in defining design patterns for optimal, comfortable, and intuitive interaction.

By using a combination of 3D objects, Core Modules, and our VR / AR / MR Design Pattern methodology we are able to create a wide variety of applications for an Enterprise business.

Build Once, View in Every Reality

New hardware platforms and capabilities are emerging on a daily basis. At 8ninths we are your trusted guides staying on top of the very latest technology and make informed decisions around trade offs and opportunities.

We understand the need of an organization to remain flexible to change and in a similar approach to responsive websites, our platform is HMD aware and enhances or gracefully degrades the solution based upon the target viewing platform.



 Example Enterprise VR / AR / MR Applications

  • Take an excel spreadsheet and create interactive 3D visualizations overlaid on an interactive 3D VR map
  • Create 3D representations of products and inventory from an ecommerce site
  • Capture store environments in 3D and use them as interactive VR environments for discussion
  • Create Training / Corp Communications through immersive 360° video

Contact us today and find out whether the 8ninths Reality Management System™ is the right solution for your Enterprise VR / AR / MR needs.

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