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May 20, 2009 | Mobile & Web

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The one thing that’s absolutely astounding about the web is the diverse amount of content, services, and ideas you’ll encounter. The long tail is very long indeed, and even the “weirdest” ideas will eventually come to be.

It is with this sense of “I can’t Believe Someone Built This” that I discovered RunPee (Site down as I blog this…). Yes, “Run” + “Pee.” You may be wondering what it is.

RunPee is a site that tells you when to go to the restroom when you are watching a movie. It maps out the less interesting scenes of the movies, and tell you when you can go to the restroom without missing too much. It also lets you know what you missed when you return.

It’s actually a pretty brilliant idea. I can imagine the next version of RunPee integrated into Fandango, the online movie ticket seller, synchronized with the movie projector’s timeline, so that it can let you know when a “pee opportunity” is up. And if too many audience gets up at once, it can tell you that you may have to wait in line.

Why is it relevant, you ask? Two reasons: One, this is the kind of innovation that theater owners nor movie studios will ever think of on their own. It’s only because of the distribution power of the Internet, and the ingenuity of some individuals, that this idea came to life. Second, while this kind of crazy ideas will probably not be bookmarked by everyone in their browser, they alway have good potential for a marketer with a related brand. For one thing, they are silly yet useful enough, that it feels fresh, smart, and funny, all at the same time. Those are attributes that a good marketer can turn into customer attention in a crowded marketplace.

In this case, perhaps one can switch the “Pee” part, which has limited marketing potential unless you are marketing Depends undergarment, into a Concession Stand opportunity alert, to be sponsored by Regal Cinema, or Coke. Who knows, maybe the ability to run to the bathroom without missing a beat will get people to drink more Coke products at the cinemas.

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