Screensaver Game Jam Recap

Feb 3, 2016 | 8ninths | Virtual Reality

Photo credit: Someone famous recently hosted a screensaver themed game jam. Our talented VR/MR developers and designers decided to seize the opportunity to teach the broader 8ninths team the basics of Unity while enjoying some pizza and brew. Kevin, our lead Unity developer, led the effort getting the team started on some silly ‘savers. The outcome of the evening below.

Galen Drew (Designer)

Sequence 1

Sequence 2

​This was my first experience doing a game jam, and pretty much my first experience making a game in Unity. During the jam I ended up helping Anna (UX Designer) learn some of the basics of using Unity and working with preset Unity objects. After people cleared out at work, I headed home and obsessively worked on a screensaver of my own. I made four different experiments and ended up really liking the pagoda model in the screenshots and developed a screensaver around that model. I ended up modeling the environment, developing the day/night cycle, and writing the evolving music to go along with the game.

Kyle Warbis (Web Developer)


I tried to include some ragdoll physics in my screen saver…tried. It might have been the beer, it might have been my limited knowledge in Unity. Whatever the reason, the final result was a man melting in the heat of a plasma ball.

Kevin Maxon (Unity Developer), Zoe Vartanian (Contract Designer, Artist at Ice Water Games)


I spent some time drinking beer and teaching people about vectors and shaders and Unity asset importers. Then I ate a real pizza while making a virtual pizza and generally had a Good Time. – Kevin

Anna Heatwole (UX Designer)
ice water

For my first experience with Unity, I set myself the task of creating an environment to host some 8ninths branding: a snow covered glacier surrounded by floating icebergs. I got as far as building up the mountainous terrain, smoothing it over for a softer snow-covered feel, and creating a material—adding color and texture to a water layer that I could raise and lower on the y axis to flood my landscape. The next step will be to add movement to the water plane and some of these floating ‘bergs!

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