We build custom virtual and
augmented reality enterprise solutions

Our creative strategy & execution translates to a variety of platforms, from high end room-scale VR systems and AR headsets, to your familiar mobile phone. While opportunities for business applications are endless, our user-centric process and data-driven results are well honed to fit your needs.


We work closely with our clients to transform business paradigms using Mixed and Virtual Reality strategies. Pairing a user centric approach with technical expertise, our strategies fuel innovative product concepts and solutions that improve workflow, increase efficiencies, and deliver new brand experiences.

  • AR/VR Consultations
  • Content Strategy
  • Competitive Research
  • User Research & Analysis
  • Usability Testing & Iteration
  • Agile Methodology
  • Envisioning Package


From content creation to user experience to visual design, we offer a complete solution to creating state-of-the-art experiences in Mixed and Virtual reality. We solve complex business problems and deliver delightful brand experiences with elegant design in the third dimension.

  • 3D Modeling / Animation
  • 3D Interaction Design
  • 3D Interface Design
  • 3D Audio Design
  • 360 Video
  • User Experience & Interface Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Data Visualization
  • Branding & identity
  • Visual Design & Illustration
  • Concept Art & Storyboarding


Using an agile approach, our engineers focus on delivering the highest quality product as quickly as possible. We invite continuous stakeholder participation and practice rapid prototyping to ensure we are building the right product to meet business objectives.

  • Unity Development / C#
  • Unreal 4
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Performance Optimization
  • HTML5 / JavaScript
  • CMS
  • eCommerce -Localization
  • SEO
  • Responsive Behaviors

Our Unique Advantage:
The Reality Management System

Your Enterprise

No need to reinvent the wheel, your Enterprise already has the valuable content needed to create a custom VR / AR solution. We begin by integrating your existing data and systems with our proprietary cloud platform, the Reality Management System™.

Our Platform &

A key benefit of the RMS™ is access to our proprietary Core Modules and Design Patterns. We’ll work with you to use these foundational elements to create a product strategy customized with your business goals in mind.


From 3D data visualization to immersive training or collaboration, with a combination of 3D objects, Core Modules, and our VR / AR / MR Design Pattern methodology we can build a wide variety of custom applications for Enterprise businesses.

Find out whether 8ninths’ Reality Management System is the right solution for your Enterprise VR / AR / MR needs.

See Our Platform

Our Process

01 Envisioning
Envisioning is a collaborative discovery phase designed to produce the right xR solution framework for your business. 8ninths’ envisioning encompasses VR and AR tech exploration, business application analysis, high level project scoping, competitive survey, design research, and structured ideation.


02 Concept
Envisioned ideas are refined into a core concept. Top features are identified. User stories are generated. UX foundations are established. A production plan comprehensively documents the concept, details budget parameters, and outlines high level execution.


03 Prototyping
8ninths’ xR design patterns and proprietary platform are applied to the core concept in a rapid prototyping process that sketches potential directions and allows clients to visualize options before finalizing a blueprint.


04 Blueprint
The blueprint solidifies and communicates the specifics of what will be built. An accompanying backlog prioritizes features and a release plan establishes the framework for production.

05 Production
The formal production process ensues through an iterative series of design and development sprints, incorporating periodic client input and user testing.


06 Optimization
Production is completed through final user testing and platform-specific optimization.


07 Delivery
The product is delivered, and comprehensive training is provided.


08 Documentation
Accompanying deliverables include technical and design documents supporting knowledge transfer, as well as documentation developed for marketing purposes.


09 Marketing
8ninths partners with clients in marketing and PR to promote and publicize innovative business application of xR technologies.


10 Analytics
The 8ninths platform also offers options for embedded analytics that measure the efficacy of the delivered solution, and provide insights into opportunity for next phase development.

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