seven deadly signs that apple is zeroing in on the mobile game market

Jun 10, 2009 | Mobile & Web

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Not going to rehash what the Deep Dive has already said about the iPhone Gaming potential, but do want to provide some more evidence that Apple is winning this war against Nintendo and Sony PSP:

  1. Since the original launch, Apple has included a Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) in the iPhone, putting it well ahead of its competitors. The iPhone’s gaming success is now prompting other manufacturer to include a GPU in their new lineup of smartphones.
  2. Apple has seeded the App Store with games of their own, including the Top Game of 2008, Texas Hold ‘Em poker
  3. Apple hired away a key chip designer from the graphics engine maker, ATI (now part of AMD), whose credentials include designing the chip for the Nintendo GameCube
  4. iPhone sales has grown to rival the install base of any portable gaming platform, and is poised to outsell the leading Nintendo DS line in 2009, reports Business Week.
  5. iPhone game sales from its App Store exceeded 86MM in Q1 2009. In the second half of 2008, since App Store launched in July 08, Apple has already garnered 10% of the mobile game market.
  6. The upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 has some killer features for the game developers, but most interesting is the ability to sell virtual goods, where in-game items such as additional levels or weapon/gadgets can be sold, increasing revenue for the game developers.
  7. Apple has done a good job on the iPhone SDK to a new group of developers, making possibly an army of smaller developers who can build a game by themselves or with a small team.

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