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Everyday, emails arrive and clutter your inbox.  Communications are easily lost or forgotten as mail piles up. Slack was conceived by Tiny Speck Company, who was searching for a truly efficient method of professional communication. Unlike email, Slack allows team members to share ideas in real time. Chat rooms are “hash-tagged” to specific topics, where everyone can share files and links relevant to the topic. Slack can also host non-employees for collaboration on dedicated projects. Larger corporations will probably shy away from Slack because communication is naturally more relaxed and open. Slack is not a traditional chat room. It’s a multi-platform app, featuring real-time communication, topic search, and file sharing history. Your team can assign unique notifications to any slack room, such as twitter updates or new bug warnings. Direct messaging removes the need for email or instant messaging. 8ninths uses Slack, and we love it. Slack us!

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After working in corporate office environments and understanding the struggle to find ‘that one email’, transitioning to Slack has been a piece of cake. I can quickly search and reference files or a conversation that sparked an idea. Email has it’s place, but for our team, it’s Slack all the way. -Caitlin

Slack’s file integrations with Dropbox and Google Drive work great. It is incredibly easy to search for files or old conversations. I always have the desktop app open. It makes internal communication much faster and efficient. -Emily


Release date: August, 2013

Usage data: 30,000 + teams using Slack

Platform / Tech: Mac, iOS, Android, Web browser

Features: File sharing, real time discussions, conversation and topic archives, complete history search


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