Talking Urinal Cakes

Jul 2, 2012 | Tech News

Interactive Urinal Communicators that talk to you as you . . . er . . . do your business, in an effort to cut down on drunk driving by sharing messages such as “”Listen up. That’s right, I’m talking to you. Had a few drinks? Maybe a few too many?”

Although these devices are motion-activated, I can imagine a future where such devices can detect whether or not you’re over the blood alcohol limit and respond appropriately. Or a toilet at home that regularly samples your stools for potential infections and diseases. Or imagine drinking from a cup that samples your saliva and can tell you whether or not your cholesterol level is too high. Or checks your blood pressure while you hold it. By integrating these types of technologies into our daily routines, they may help to save lives and to improve our overall health by detecting issues in a fashion more timely than what an annual physical would do.

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